Processes that take care of every detail


THE PROCESS of flowers corresponds to a set of activities that begins with soil preparation, selection of good characteristics plant material and good mother plant and buds, planting, cultural works, irrigation, fertilization, control of plagues and diseases. The renewal of varieties is also a fundamental task. Each single production stage looks to fulfill the objective of give our customers the best roses.


Depending on the geographical location and height, weather conditions, phenomenological and chemical characteristics of each variety, the production cycle can vary significantly, between a range of 70 and 110 days. The mission is to reach a healthy Nevado Rose, without pests or diseases, mistreatment, with optimal coloring, and in the correct cut-off point.


Phytosanitary control and preventive control, to identify pests and diseases through permanent monitoring, trying to focus chemical applications with the right products. This process takes care of one of the values of the Company, “Interest for People”, taking care of the health and well-being of our employees, using the products approved by national and international certifications.


Once the flowers has been cut, it is transported to postharvest where begin some processes as reception, sanitary control, classification, bounch, quality control, packing and export shipping according to the requirements of our clients.
In each process, special care of the flower, stem and foliage is maintained. Each bounch carries a label that ensures a traceability system that includes the degree (length of the stem), variety, date of elaboration and more useful information not only to identify the branch, but for reference in cases of claims of our clients. Each bounch enters the inventory in cold rooms, to fulfill the minimum of time necessary before being packaged and exported.