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Pioneer Company in Ecuador also in matters of environmental care, occupational safety and health, social responsibility projects and above all in the good treatment of all workers.


Fair Trade and Fairtrade USA

Nevado Roses has been certified as a Fair Trade flower farm since 2002. Based on our responsible and ethical business culture, our employees enjoy excellent working conditions, and our environment is well protected. With Fair Trade – Fairtrade USA, we, as a company, receive a bonus which is a certain percentage of the selling price to our direct consumers. These bonuses are transparently managed and allocated by a democratically elected committee. This latter channels these resources into our different social responsibility projects.

Flor Ecuador Certified

Flor Ecuador is another certification with a socio-environmental scope granted to Ecuadorian flower farms which comply with specific standards. We have been Flor Ecuador certified since 2005 due to applying high environmental standards, occupational safety, and health measures. Furthermore, we are vehemently opposed to child labor. Any employee must be above 18 years of age to join Nevado Roses.


We have been committed to sustainability, which is why we are Rainforest Alliance certified since 2005, continuously contributing to good labor practices along with social and environmental responsibility. Year after year, we are being audited, obtaining excellent results, and thus maintaining the certification due to our responsible management.

Business Alliance for Secure Commerce

Since 2002, we have been part of a secure trade scheme working alongside governments and international organizations. This scheme relies on a control and security management system which facilitates the continuous improvement of security standards. This joint venture protects our merchandise from getting contaminated by unsolicited substances and eases customs processes providing peace of mind to the entire supply chain.