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About us

¿Who are we?

NEVADO ROSES, founded in 1997, is one of Ecuador’s most renowned and reputable premium rose growers and exporters. 

Nowadays, the farms total 49 hectares (111 acres) of productive land in the Cotopaxi province, one of the top two regions for rose production in the country, and employ around 500 loyal and skillful collaborators full time.

Our first and bigger farm is located at 2,780 meters (9120 ft) above sea level, while our second farm is located at 3,000 meters (9842 ft).

Roberto Nevado, Founder 

Mr. Roberto Nevado started his career in the floral industry in 1965, exporting fresh-cut flowers grown in Spain to several European countries. He then incorporated Colombian grown flowers into his portfolio of products in 1975. 

In 1990, he started importing Ecuadorian roses. After that, a significant turning point took place in 1995 when Roberto, driven by his passion and a business vision, decided to emigrate to Ecuador to start his rose farm; thus, NEVADO ROSES was born. 

Roberto Nevado rapidly became a renowned and recognized leader, a major player, and a decision maker in the Ecuadorian floricultural sector through his skills and strengths. 

A committed, professional, and empowered team, plus the knowledge, experience, and leadership of the top management and shareholders, is the primary fuel to encourage our best version. Our results-oriented, humanistic & environmental management and cost-effective approach have kept Nevado Roses running smoothly.  

Our certifications like Fair Trade Max Havelaar, Fair Trade USA, Flor Ecuador, Rainforest, BASC, reflect our philosophy, responsibility and sensibility with the people and the environment. Supporting projects to improve the quality of life of our workers as for example, scholarships, home improvement, credit facilities, health care and dentistry, and others developed every year.

NEVADO ROSES is committed to creating fairly remunerated jobs for the local community, striving to become the best workplace and maintain high environmental standards.


We strive to be a customer-oriented company. Hence, our primary goal is to be among the best and most reliable Ecuadorian partners for your flower import business, keeping and improving day by day our standard for excellence.


NEVADO ROSES aims to be recognized in the flower industry worldwide as a leading company delivering freshness, high quality, consistency, and an exceptional customer experience. We believe in the utmost importance of establishing and nurturing strong relationships with our business partners.

At the same time, we seek to become one of the significant businesses that contribute to developing in the Ecuadorian Andes.

Together, we make Nevado the best place to work.