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Social projects of high impact

We are a company committed to our people, we believe deeply in sustainable development, and together with Fair Trade we develop projects of transcendence for our collaborators and their families.

Student Financial Aid

To foster education and promote the personal growth of our employees’ children, we established the financial aid program. This latter consists of scholarships and checks to pay for school supplies and other expenses.

Dental Center

We established a Dental Center for our employees and their families who can now access dental care at a very affordable cost. We also carry out oral hygiene campaigns regularly. The excellent results obtained through this program have allowed employees and their families to improve their oral health and thus their self-esteem.


The main objective of this program is to contribute to improving the quality of life of the collaborators by granting loans for different needs, such as house improvements, purchase of electrical appliances, professional courses, etc.

Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainability is a priority for everyone. For this reason, all organizations must focus on creating a drastic change in this field. Therefore, the SDGs are the basis for achieving a sustainable world from a business point of view. Based on our business culture, Nevado Roses is committed to accomplishing the 2030 agenda for sustainable development.