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Thanks for buying Fair Trade Roses

We are a company committed to our people, we believe deeply in sustainable development, and together with Fair Trade we develop projects of relevance for our collaborators and their families.


“This all started in 2005 with microcredits and the computer lab. The Committee received 10% of the sales of flowers, which we use for projects in our benefit and that one of our families and community”

Testimonial by Rubén, employee at Nevado

During its 25 years experience, Nevado Ecuador has been a pioneer company in central Ecuador when it comes to environmental care, safety at work, and social projects for workers.  We are especially mindful of the respect and care of the personnel that makes up the Nevado family.

In the year 2022 alone, the total investment in projects was of $ 101,255, and the total number of beneficiaries who benefited was 2,078 people.


“I got two degrees here at Nevado. I am a clear example of the progress this program has made for our families”

Testimonial by Juliana, employee at Nevado

Our Scholarship Program is focused on two groups: workers’ children who study in basic and high school, and the workers themselves, out of which many have not had the chance to obtain a high school or a technical diploma. It is offered once a year.

In the last two years, more than 400 workers at Nevado have benefited from this project, with an investment of $41,400 in this period of time

Key impact figures are:

0 %

Of our workers who applied to the program in order to finish high school have completed their studies.

0 %

Of our workers’ children stay in school.

0 %

Of workers’ children who are older than 18 years old are pursuing technical or university education.


“The greatest thing about buying this appliance is that the time I save on washing clothes, I spend it with my family having quality time with them!”

Testimonial by Eva, employee at Nevado

Many workers and their families need to purchase houseware to improve their living conditions. This project allows workers to obtain some of the following houseware at affordable prices: washing machines, refrigerators, kitchens, water-heaters, computers, blenders and others.  Additionally, the Corporation provides financing for these purchases.

In the last two years, more than 200 workers at Nevado have benefited from this project, with an investment of $105,690 in this period of time.

Key impact figures are:

0 %

Of the workers have obtained at least one of these credits.

0 %

Of the workers have obtained access to purchasing houseware.

0 %

Of workers have received lectures about financial planning to avoid excessive debt.